MAAILMAN PARAS – eli ”kyborgit” ja ”virtuaali” kehittyneessä kapitalismissa (THE BEST IN THE WORLD - aka. "cyborgs" and "the virtual" in advanced capitalism) was a theatre performance based on writings by Jukka Heinänen. It was performed at KIASMA -theatre, Helsinki between 19.9.2007-30.9.2007

This website is part of a artistic (Doctoral degree) research by Mikko Kanninen in Tampere University Department of Acting .

This performance was partly rehearsed and designed in a website available (in finnish) in here

Directed by Mikko Kanninen. Set and costume by Ruska Schönberg. Music and video by PINK TWINS. Lights by Tomi Suovankoski. Actrors: Henry Hanikka, Erja Manto, Mikko Kanninen, Ruska Schönberg,Topi Makkonen, Siiri Scott and Heidi Kiviharju.